Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our Mission Statement – Why Use Us?

At Money on Tap we introduce the most appropriate funders and financial service providers to you, our clients. Generally with NO charge to you, we tailor make the most relevant solutions to your requirements and  provide the best alternatives for your business.

Since 1999, we are proud to have retained many loyal clients who have stayed with us through various generations of their funders.

We are a One Stop doctor of financial pain solution to the many confusing alternatives out there.

Although we are Toronto, Canada based, we fund throughout North America. Even when our customers are spread internationally, we provide the following business and personal funding services:

  1. Providing fast, flexible funding services as an alternate to bank finance.
  2. Factoring ARs, paying suppliers (PO funding),  funding unsold inventory (under the same roof),
  3. Loans to businesses and privately (based on gold, diamonds, jewellery and stamps),
  4. Obtaining government guaranteed SBLs and traditional bank lines of credit,
  5. Merchant Cash advances (via Visa, MasterCard and Debit Terminals), Venture Capital,
  6. Leasing, property based loans, Scientific Research and Experimental Development,
  7. Trade Credit Insurance, funding establishing Letters of Credit
  8. Providing professional, temporary CFOs as management personnel, collection services and tailor made Business Plan production services

Historically we seldom ever charge you. We are paid by most of the funders directly. We advise on how to improve your funding experiences by selecting the correct combination of funders. We discuss the alternatives out there and only deal with those funders having the most appropriate appetite for your business.

Your referrals are our life blood. Your loyalty is shown by retaining us as your consultants before, during and after their funding.

See our funding matrix attached to get a better idea of the requirements, costs and applicable terms. 


Get personalized and expert funding service quickly and easily.


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