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Venture Capital

  • Receivables Factoring to meet your needs

    More businesses fail due to lack of cash flow than any other reason. Let Money on Tap instantly free up to 85% of your invoices value quickly and easily.

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Propelling your business into success takes careful planning. Money on Tap venture capital is a positive funding service used to finance your business into the future. We require you to provide us with a business plan and a cash flow and management plan and we’ll be more than happy to support your business through our venture capital services. You’ll receive your capital as soon as benchmarks are complete and an agreement is signed outlining the financing terms.

Amount you can obtain

We are willing to provide from 100k – 5 million dollars in financing through our venture capital program. Repayment is negotiated and typically we are will to sign on less than 51% equity. The set up times for this service varies but is typically between 30 – 90 days.

If you have questions or concerns contact us today and we’ll help get your venture capital off on the right foot.