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Trade Credit Insurance

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Trade Credit Insurance

  • Receivables Factoring to meet your needs

    More businesses fail due to lack of cash flow than any other reason. Let Money on Tap instantly free up to 85% of your invoices value quickly and easily.

Why put your business in tough spot when you sell to your customers? Money on Tap offers protection against the risks of trade. Trade credit insurance is a policy that strengthens your business’ risk management capabilities. Our trade credit insurance removes the inherent risk from dealing with customers who may not have an ideal financial status. Read more below about the details of the protection and how we can offer you the best protection you need.

Level of Protection

Our trade credit insurance protects against the following:

  1. Unexpected accounts receivable losses
  2. Insolvency
  3. Default
  4. Political risks

With our trade credit insurance policy you will be sure you get paid for services or products rendered.

The Benefits

The following are a list of the benefits of having a Money on Tap trade credit insurance policy:

  • Improving your balance sheet through ensuring you are paid for your work.
  • Improve your borrowing power.
  • Helping you grow your business even when your customers do not make good on their payments.
  • Peace of mind.

At Money on Tap we understand the risks of doing business. Contact Money on Tap today to learn more about how we can help you secure your trade activities.