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In your last 2 fiscal periods have you attempted to:

 develop a new process to reduce costs, improve quality, throughput, or efficiency? improve a new process to reduce costs, improve quality, throughput, or efficiency? modify your process due to changes in your supply chain? incurred costs related to a new or improved process due to unexpected technological problems? modified equipment to extend its capabilities beyond its original intent? developed new equipment to meet an industry need, that was not previously available?

Did you experience any of the following:

 At the onset of the project were there gaps/limitations in your base knowledge (or that of the Industry) that made solutions or the path to a solution uncertain? Did you encounter unexpected technical problems or challenges that resulted in the project taking much longer or/and costing more? Were several revisions or iterations to your project required before arriving at either success or failure? Did the work performed attempt to achieve a technological advancement, such as a new product, technique, system or process? Regardless of success or failure, do you believe new knowledge that furthers understanding in your field of science or technology, has been created, as a result of your project?

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