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SRED Refunds

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Maximize your SR&ED Tax Refunds

SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) refunds are Canadian federal tax credit incentives offered to companies who conduct research and development. This tax refund entices businesses of all sizes to take part in r&d and is the biggest federal source of support for industrial r&d. Continue reading below to see if you qualify for the SR&ED program.

Using our SR&ED services your business can engage in meaningful research and development while enjoying a maximized SR&ED return on all eligible r&d work. Applicants can receive up to 70% refund for such associated expenses like wages, materials, contract and overhead if the application passes CRA review. Allow us to prepare your case for CRA review and present all the relevant information for maximum results. Click the link below and fill out a short form to see if you qualify for the SR&ED program.

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