“Without the help of Martin Charney and his funding team, we would never have been able to realize such a quick start to our brand new start up business. Being able to handle the cash flow crunch that every business has in the early days, enabled us to move forward with ease. Having monies accessible quickly allowed us to make the purchases and our payroll without major strain on personal assets allowing us to leverage our customer’s credit worthiness without collateral security from us.

Martin’s professionalism is extremely helpful and patient, giving us the grounding to be able to get through the incredible stresses that cash flow restrictions cause a new business. Having him on our side, working with us and for us, always with his eye on getting the necessary funds, allows us to focus on what we do. Not having to chase down money.

Thank you Martin, your help has been greatly appreciated and extremely valuable. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship.”

Dave Frattaroli, Toronto Traffic Services Inc.

* * * * *

“Our company ships truckloads of spent batteries originating from electronic recycling. Besides the usual financial advantages of factoring, Martin has acted as a professional business coach giving over his wealth of experience willingly, which has been invaluable to us. We experienced exponential growth from Martin’s innovative funding strategies.
“In our business. Supply chain loyalty is key in”

The resulting increased cash flow has enabled us to quickly pay our suppliers, which has increased their loyalty. In our business, supply chain loyalty is key so that we can always deliver what we promise our customers. Our business is international, and purchase order financing is another financial arrow in our quiver to target new overseas business with foreign suppliers.”

John W. Kincaide, Battery Recycling Services

* * * * *

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