Small Business Loan Application

Canada Small Business Financing Program

Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP) or Canada Small Business Financing Loan (CSBFL)

Government Loans Guaranteed

Personal Statement of Affairs


Financial Position

Financial position as of:



Liquid Investments (stocks, bonds, etc.)


Real Estate

Primary Residence

Private Investments

Other Assets


Accounts Receivable


Total Assets


Bank Loans

Credit Cards


Income Taxes


Other Liabilities (Accounts Payable)

Total Liabilities

Annual income

Annual expenditures

Mortgage (or rent ________) Municipal taxes & heating Insurance premiums Other: Total expenditures

Total income less total expenses


I HEREBY CERTIFY that all information provided is true and complete. I have no other undisclosed financial obligations and acknowledge the foregoing will be used to determine my credit worthiness. I authorize you to give to and obtain from persons with whom I have financial or other business dealings, and commercial and consumer reporting agencies, credit and other financially-related information about me. If I have supplied my social insurance number (SIN) in any application to you, you may treat my SIN as an integral part of that information and maintain it in your records about me. You may likewise use my SIN and communicate it and allow it to be communicated to those persons and agencies as an aid to identifying me. My deposit account may be charged with payments on the loan.

Personal Statement of Affairs